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ST & St. Louis Fashion Week

In February 2024 we showed our first collection at St. Louis Fashion week. Stuart speaks on his experience below and why it was so important to him.

As the co-founder of ALLSAINTS and the creative mind behind my new sustainable fashion line, STUART TREVOR, I was thrilled to be a part of the "Runway at CITYPARK" showcase in St. Louis. The event, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Saint Louis Fashion Funds, brought together a diverse group of designers to highlight the city's vibrant fashion scene and its role in the local economy.

My primary goal in participating in this event was to spread the word about sustainable fashion and showcase my unique approach to upcycling vintage garments. I recently had the opportunity to present my mission at Pitti Uomo in Florence, where I was invited by the organizers to share my vision of making sustainable fashion more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


At STUART TREVOR, we take vintage pieces and give them new life through various customization techniques. From printing and embroidering to patching, sewing on buttons, and even hand-painting, we collaborate with talented artists to create one-of-a-kind garments that exemplify the beauty and potential of upcycling. By doing so, we aim to inspire others to embrace sustainable fashion and recognize the value in repurposing existing materials.

One of my favorite aspects of working with vintage garments is the opportunity to incorporate high-quality military pieces from the '50s, '60s, and '70s into my collections. While I want to make it clear that we do not glorify war, I have a deep appreciation for the exceptional craftsmanship and style of these vintage military garments. The attention to detail and durability of these pieces are truly remarkable, and I feel privileged to be able to give them a second life through my designs.


Participating in the "Runway at CITYPARK" showcase was an incredible experience, as it allowed me to share my passion for sustainable fashion with a wider audience. The event itself was a testament to the rich history and bright future of fashion in St. Louis, with a diverse array of local and emerging designers showcasing their talents alongside established brands.

I was particularly impressed by the work of The Collective Thread, a nonprofit organization located in the historic Washington Avenue Garment District. Their commitment to supporting local fashion companies with advanced technology and services in sewing manufacturing, product development, and high-tech cutting is truly commendable. It is institutions like these that will play a crucial role in revitalizing the fashion economy in St. Louis and nurturing the next generation of design talent.


As I continue my journey in sustainable fashion, I am excited to see the growing interest and appreciation for eco-friendly practices within the industry. Events like "Runway at CITYPARK" not only celebrate the creative talents of designers but also serve as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in fashion.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have showcased my work alongside such a talented group of designers and to have been a part of this milestone event for the Saint Louis Fashion Funds. As I look to the future, I remain committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion, collaborating with artists, and inspiring others to embrace the beauty and potential of upcycling.