The man behind your favourite labels


In 1983, Stuart Trevor was a finalist in the Paul Smith/Mont Blanc competition and in 1985 he won designer of the year at The Smirnoff Fashion awards “Menswear Day”. Aged 19 he became the first designer and main buyer for REISS. At 28 he founded All Saints and many of the clothes that continue to feature every week in the top 10 bestseller list of the high-street brand today, were designed by Trevor himself over 20 years ago.

Whenever Stuart was asked to start a new fashion brand he replied, “the world doesn't need a new clothing company”. Then he thought to himself - hold it...what about a clothing company that doesn't produce any clothes?

This fell in line with his two main passions; having fun and protecting the planet. It was consistent with his belief that scarcity is the mother of creativity. 

“Creativity to me has always been all about doing more with what we have already. The world has scarce resources, yet the fashion industry acts as if there is an unlimited supply of material. It's a disaster for our world."

Many ideas in his new eponymous brand STUART TREVOR are inspired by childhood memories; the excitement and intrigue of discovering something new. “I’ve always loved creating something amazing from scratch, from vintage finds, that’s always where it starts with me, from a very young age. That was always my favourite part of the creative process.”

“When I was 18, I saw a guy in Milan airport wearing a vintage denim jacket with JESUS LOVES YOU painted on the back. I asked him where he’d got it, turned out he was Albert Watson, one of the world’s greatest photographers. He’d found it in a thrift store in middle America - I was so inspired and decided there and then that everything I ever produced should provoke as much excitement as finding incredibly unique hand-crafted pieces like that jacket. That’s exactly what this new project is all about - hidden treasure!”