"What about a clothing company that doesn't make any clothes?"

A question the founder of All Saints, Stuart Trevor, asked when starting his new namesake label.

Every piece either comes from upcycled proper vintage, deadstock (new leftover and unused) fabric, or recycled and organic renewable cotton.


The Patched Bomber

Our MA-1 bomber jacket is a proper stunner. Made from reworked army surplus stock and features David Bowie patches hand designed designed by Stuart Trevor himself.

Reversible to a quilted lining, it's got all the classic details you'd expect.

Each piece is individually signed, dated, and numbered by Stuart. Don't miss out on this limited edition beauty.


The Party Back Shirt

An ST mainstay, the Party Back Shirt, a made from US Military field shirts and denim shirts, either short of long sleeved with a lace or sequin back panel on the back that's ready to make a statement.

It's got those classic button-fastened breast pockets and a sleek ST logo patch.

Perfect for running errands in style or as a show-stopping party piece.


The Re-Play T-Shirt

Crafted from 50% recycled cotton and 50% GOTS certified organic cotton, using our in-house cutting waste the Re-Play comes with printed or patched in all the essential colours.  

Finished with a Stuart Trevor tag along the inner collar and our signature ST branded logo on the bottom left corner. The recycled fibres create a unique, textured surface that sets it apart from your average tee.

The futures in the past

Re-wind, Re-set, Re-play

Every piece in our store falls into at least one of our three sustainability and design pillars:



Vintage pieces reimagined and given a second life


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